Twomany - Hospedaje web

"Dullness won't sell your product, but neither will irrelevant brilliance" (Bill Bernbach)

Column 1

Today, for any kind of business, entertainment or personal website, a reliable hosting is an essential step.

  • Increase website load time
    A faster website offres a better user experience
  • Less likely to have website down time
    An amateur web host is more likely to become unavailable or disrupted.
  • Better security (https)
    A secure and "clean" IP address allows to implement security protocols, such as SSL [Secure Socket Layers], meaning that any information that passes through your website is automatically encrypted, thus hidden from the wider web.
  • Frequent website backups if anything were to go wrong
    A good web host will protect your website, back up your data, in order to be able to restore your information after an issue.
  • Better support if anything were to go wrong
    If anything goes wrong, or you only needs a better understanding of under the hood mechanism, you must be able to reach a professional team for help and support.
Column 3